The Complete Solution

Design, Construct, Support & Optimise

Gaia EnviroTech not only provides a biodigester but, complete waste management solutions. Our delivery includes:

  • Laboratory evaluation & support
  • Process & Engineering Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Service & Support


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Lab Services

At Gaia EnviroTech we have a dedicated biodigester laboratory specializing in multistage anaerobic digestion. We have a suite of existing test capabilities, but can also investigate new aspects related to anaerobic digestion.

Testwork capabilities include:

  • Physical and chemical analysis to assess the suitability of potential biodigester feed materials.
    • Total and volatile solids
    • Total suspended and dissolved solids
    • Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
    • Biological oxygen demand (BOD)
    • Volatile fatty acids concentration and alkalinity
    • Elemental composition
  • Assess potential feed pre-digestion For example:
    • Dissolved air flotation (DAF)
    • Blending of feedstock streams
    • Additive dosing
  • Biomethane potential (BMP) for feedstocks
  • Assess feedstock performance using a laboratory multistage biodigester
  • Assess potential post-digestion requirements. For example:
    • Dewatering of digestate cake
    • Additive dosing

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Gaia EnviroTech Biodigester

A biodigester is an airtight chamber in which efficient anaerobic digestion of organic wastes is promoted (e.g. manure, discarded food, and agricultural waste). The biodigester is constantly fed with this organic material, which is broken down (decomposed) by micro-organisms (Bacteria and Archaea) in an oxygen-free (anaerobic) environment, leading to the production of biogas (methane and carbon dioxide). Biogas is a useful by-product as it can be used as a renewable energy source to produce electricity and heat. A portion of this energy is used to sustain the biodigester, and the excess used locally or, in the case of electricity, sold back into the grid. In addition to this, a slow-release organic fertilizer product with excellent soil conditioning properties is produced. 

The Gaia EnviroTech biodigester is designed and manufactured in Ballarat, AUSTRALIA. Our systems can be sized to consume as little as 500 kg of organic waste per day, and can be expanded to suit larger feedstock volumes as required.

Soil benefits of using digestate can include:

  • Increased organic matter content and nutrient mineralization rates
  • Higher nutrient mineralization rates
  • Reduction in the need to apply chemical fertilizers
  • Improved plant growth
  • Reduced nutrient runoff due to slow-release nutrients
  • Alleviating soil compaction
  • Increased water retention and  healthier soils

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This case study is a review of the successful installation and operation of the Gaia EnviroTech Anaerobic Digester during a one-year full scale trial on dairy effluent at a fully robotic central Victorian dairy farm. 

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This is an one-page technical overview of the Gaia EnviroTech Anaerobic Biodigester. 

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This is a two-page technical overview of the Gaia EnviroTech Rapid Composter. 

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