Does your business generate organic waste?

Gaia EnviroTech biodigester can help you transform your organic waste into a source of renewable energy

Gaia’s Biodigester Explained

Gaia’s anaerobic digester is cleverly design in modules to allow customers quick plant expansion with minimal disruption

1. Solid Fertiliser Bund – Collects processed solids

2. Screw Press – Separates solid and liquid materials

3. Feed Screen – Removes coarse particles and contaminants

4. Anaerobic Digester Modules – Controlled independently for biogas optimisation

5. Services Module – Contains combined heat power (CHP) generator, gas analyser & digester heating system

6. Flare with flame Arrester – Standby and emergency flare to burn-off excess gas

7. Gas Storage Module – Allows collection and on-demand use of biogas

8. Motor Control Centre – Motor controls, programmable logical control (PLC) and systems interface

9. Liquid Fertiliser Pit – Storage of liquid leachate from biodigester

10. Gas Conditioning Skid – Gas treatment and filtration

Much More Than Waste Management

Process effluents into gas, electrical power and heat, while producing nutrient rich liquid and solid fertiliser for the land.

Waste Stabilisation & Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion will reduce the amount of waste generated and inactivate dangerous pathogens which would otherwise harm the environment.

Odour & Greenhouse Gases Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and odours to the atmosphere therefore improving air quality.


Renewable Energy Production

Biogas which is produced through the digestion process can be combusted to generate electricity and heat or processed into natural gas and transportable fuels.

Weed Seed Inactivation

Killing weed seeds in manure will help to reduce costs of controlling weeds in the field when the manure is used as a fertiliser or sold as potting soil.


Nutrient Conservation & Mineralization

Anaerobic digestion of manure helps to improve the manures nutrient availability to plants and reduces fertilizer costs when applying the manure to crop.

Carbon Credit Units

Carbon credits units are awarded for treatment of waste, where there is a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are removed from the atmosphere.

Fertilizer By-product (Digestate)

The digestate (solids) and digested liquid (leachate) is nutrient rich and can be composted, used for animal bedding or directly applied to croplands as a fertilizer.

Renewable Energy Certificates

The Biodigester generates energy in the form of gas, electricity and heat. This energy is awarded Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that can be traded or sold.