Lachlan has an applied science degree with honours in environmental science and biotechnology, and a doctorate in molecular microbial ecology. Previously, Lachlan has undertaken research on biological nutrient removal microbiology, molecular biology, environmental genomics, consulted within the wastewater treatment industry, and worked in food manufacturing.

As a keen outdoors person, he has always taken an interest in environmental conservation and the effects human activities have on our environment. During his studies it became clear that his goal was to find practical solutions to environmental problems. Waste and wastewater may not be a glamorous topic, however they are issues that are only getting more important. Fortunately, there is growing interest reducing waste, and increasing sustainability through harvesting renewable energy.

Lachlan applies his expertise within the anaerobic digestion microbiology team developing laboratory testing for the characterisation of feedstocks, estimating biogas and methane production, and replicating the modular Biodigester at benchtop-scale for optimization trials.

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