Ballarat based company Gekko Systems is expanding its frontiers beyond mining by developing a modular biodigester. Named after the Greek Goddess of Mother Earth, Gaia EnviroTech promises to help livestock producers transform animal waste into biogas which can be used to generate gas, electricity and heat.

The first anaerobic biodigester has been developed for the Australian dairy industry to process effluent into gas, electrical power and heat, while producing nutrient rich liquid and solid fertiliser which can be re-applied to the land. Other benefits include removal of animal waste odours, pathogen reduction, and the reduction of green-house gas emissions.

Gaia EnviroTech General Manager, Tony Stone said “We are excited to be offering to livestock and food producers a real solution to manage their organic waste issues in a way that not only improves their operations economics but also has environmental benefits.”

The first trial is located at A.J. Trigg Farm Bungaree. The design includes six modules able to treat up to 20 cubic metres of cow manure per day. The operation is due to be completed with stabilised biogas production by the end of January.

To learn more about Gaia EnviroTech and biodigester solution, contact Tony Stone via email to [email protected].