High Speed Composter Installation

High Speed Composter Installation

Gaia EnviroTech High Speed Composter was recently procured and installed for trials by Hepburn Shire Council at their Creswick Transfer Station as part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning New Energy Jobs Fund. Shortly following installation of the High-Speed Composter, the unit has demonstrated that it can achieve pasteurisation which is required to kill off pathogens and allow the material to be utilised to re-carbonise soils.  Gaia EnviroTech will continue to work with Hepburn Shire Council to optimise the system and maximise composted product quality.

The in-vessel system accelerates the composting process to produce nutrient rich compost from organic matter faster than traditional methods. It is suited to clients whose primary waste streams include FOGO (food organics and garden organics) and larger waste vegetation (e.g. park and roadside pruning). The system is designed for ease of use and can be combined with a Gaia EnviroTech Anaerobic Digester to treat the majority of organic wastes from councils, food manufacturers, restaurants and hospitality venues, etc.

Pictured are Sandy Gray, Technical Director, and Georges Delemontex, Lead Engineer, in front of the freshly loaded composter in Creswick, Victoria.

Please contact our team if you would like to learn more about the composter and the benefits they can bring to your local council, farm or manufacturing company https://lnkd.in/dBCgKJE


Progress Report – Anaerobic Digester Installation

Progress Report – Anaerobic Digester Installation

Another Gaia EnviroTech Anearobic Digester installation was officially signed off including full gas certification in northern Victoria this week, marking a huge milestone for the project. 

Following installation and commissioning of the equipment, the  system was seeded with 120,000L of dilute sludge  and is currently the unit is accepting approximately 30% of the site’s DAF sludge volume.,  

The automated modular 3 bio-cell system will now ramp up capacity so it can accept 100% of the organic waste from the host site, whilst also contributing valuable renewable energy to supplement the requirements of the site. 

“It is an exciting time in the bioenergy space at the moment, and this is another great example of how businesses are turning to anaerobic digestion as a viable solution for managing their organic waste in an environmentally friendly and economical way” says Sandy Gray, Technical Director at Gaia EnviroTech. 

Based on the success so far, the team is exploring the possibility of incorporating the site’s other organic wastes into the feed stream of the biodigester. 

Gekko goes green with new biogas innovation for the agriculture industry

Gekko goes green with new biogas innovation for the agriculture industry

Together with the Victorian Government, Gekko Systems today took further steps towards a greener future, unveiling a prototype biodigester that will help industry turn waste into renewable energy.

An Australian first, the custom engineered shipping container converts bio waste into gas, electricity and odour free fertiliser. For industries like dairy farming, this will mean a waste disposal system that reduces their carbon footprint, saves money on electricity and provides a nutrient rich fertiliser.

The innovation marks a first for Gekko Systems, applying their engineering capability, currently used in the mining services industry, to local industry challenges and viable renewable energy generation.

“We are excited to apply the skills of our talented team here in regional Victoria to a problem that the whole of Australia is facing; electricity” said Sandy Gray, Gekko Systems Technical Director.

“The fact that our prototype also deals with waste disposal which is another challenge Australia is grappling with, is a strong indicator that clever solutions can be created locally. Certainly we’re hopeful we can improve this technology down the track to deal with other forms of waste such as council rubbish collection,” added Sandy.

Gekko Systems have been awarded funding from the Victoria Government via the Sector Growth Program which supports projects that align with the Future Industries Sector Strategies; creating new jobs and driving growth, productivity and increasing the competitiveness of Victorian businesses.

The technology design and development of the biodigester is the result of collaboration between Gekko Systems and a piggery in Ballarat who have operated a biodigester for a number of years to optimise treatment efficiency. The first unit will be installed at a Bungaree Dairy Farm in mid 2017.