Does your business generate organic waste?

Gaia EnviroTech biodigester can help you transform your organic waste into a source of renewable energy

Powered by Innovation in Renewable Energy

Gaia EnviroTech (Gaia) is a division of Gekko Systems – a Ballarat based company leader in the development of energy efficient technologies for the mining industry.

Based in the regional city of Ballarat (VIC), Gaia was born in early 2017 from the idea that food producers are currently facing two critical challenges: the ever increasing cost of energy required to run their operations and effectively dealing with the high volumes of organic waste.

With this in mind, we set our mission to help food producers solve these issues with one single solution: The Gaia Biodigester.

Using outback tough materials and backed by two decades of driving innovation in the mining industry, the team designed the first fully modular biodigester in Australia.

All Gaia’s Biodigesters are designed, manufactured and factory tested at the company’s facility in Ballarat.