About Gaia EnviroTech

Powered by Innovation in Renewable Energy

Gaia EnviroTech (Gaia) is a division of Gekko Systems – a Ballarat based company leader in the development of energy efficient technologies for the mining industry.

Based in the regional city of Ballarat (VIC), Gaia was born in early 2017 from the idea that food producers, processors and manufacturers are currently facing two critical challenges: the ever increasing cost of energy required to run their operations, and effectively dealing with the high volumes of organic waste. With this in mind, we designed The Gaia biodigester.

Using outback tough materials and backed by over two decades of driving innovation in the mining industry, the team designed the first fully modular biodigester in Australia.

All Gaia’s biodigesters are designed, manufactured and factory tested at the company’s facility in Ballarat.

Gaia’s belief is that “only through embracing change together can we transform our world”.


Converting today’s waste for the benefit of the economy and environment.


Passion & Courage

Maintain the passion & courage to continue to improve what we do and how we do it

Respect & Care

Respect & care for staff, family, customers and other stakeholders


Behave with integrity at all times


Demonstrate leadership in key global segments and our communities


Exhibit openness to new ideas, feedback and personal learning

Gekko Group

Gekko Systems was founded in 1996, as a mining technology company with a focus on world class innovation and technology leadership.

Now 24 years later, the award winning company has diversified it’s operations into the renewable energy and medical technology sectors utilizing it’s world class innovation, technical, logistics, manufacturing and operating systems. These three businesses and divisions operate as Gekko Medical, Gekko Systems, and Gaia EnviroTech. With global offices in Vancouver, Moscow, Johannesburg, Perth, and agents in South America, and West Africa plus HQ in Ballarat, Australia, the Gekko group has global engineering and logistics capability.



Delivery Biodigester in Regional Victoria

Delivery Biodigester in Regional Victoria

The Gaia EnviroTech team delivered another Australian designed and manufactured Biodigester in Regional Victoria. This piece of kit will produce renewable on demand energy in the form of gas and heat from agricultural and food waste and produce valuable...

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Biodigester featured on ABC’s Landline

Biodigester featured on ABC’s Landline

Gaia’s innovative biodigesting technology is gaining interest and momentum across the Australian farming community and was featured on ABC’s Landline this week highlighting its unique approach to transforming livestock manure into energy. The 13-minute...

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Gaia EnviroTech trials new biodigester technology

Gaia EnviroTech trials new biodigester technology

Ballarat based company Gekko Systems is expanding its frontiers beyond mining by developing a modular biodigester. Named after the Greek Goddess of Mother Earth, Gaia EnviroTech promises to help livestock producers transform animal waste into biogas which can be used...

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