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High Speed Composter Installation

High Speed Composter Installation

A Gaia EnviroTech High Speed Composter was recently procured and installed for trials by Hepburn Shire Council at their Creswick Transfer Station as part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning New Energy Jobs Fund. Shortly following installation of...

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Progress Report – Anaerobic Digester Installation

Progress Report – Anaerobic Digester Installation

Another Gaia EnviroTech Anearobic Digester installation was officially signed off including full gas certification in northern Victoria this week, marking a huge milestone for the project.  Following installation and commissioning of the equipment, the  system...

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Delivery Biodigester in Regional Victoria

Delivery Biodigester in Regional Victoria

The Gaia EnviroTech team delivered another Australian designed and manufactured Biodigester in Regional Victoria. This piece of kit will produce renewable on demand energy in the form of gas and heat from agricultural and food waste and produce valuable...

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Much More Than Waste Management

Process effluents into gas, electrical power and heat, while producing nutrient rich liquid and solid fertiliser for the land.

Waste Stabilisation & Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion will reduce the amount of waste generated and deactivate dangerous pathogens which would otherwise harm the environment.

Odour & Greenhouse Gases Reduction

Treatment of manure through anaerobic digestion reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and odours to the atmosphere therefore improving air quality.


Renewable Energy Production

Biogas which is produced through the digestion process can be combusted to generate electricity and heat or processed into natural gas and transportable fuels.

Weed Seed Inactivation

Killing weed seeds in manure will help to reduce costs of controlling weeds in the field when the manure is used as a fertiliser or sold as potting soil.


Nutrient Conservation & Mineralisation

Anaerobic digestion of manure helps to improve it's nutrient value ,thus reducing fertiliser costs when applying to crops.

Carbon Credit Units

Carbon credits units could be awarded for treatment of waste, where there is a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are removed from the atmosphere.

Fertiliser By-product (Digestate)

The digestate (solids) and leachate (digested liquid) is nutrient rich and can have several uses, including compost, animal bedding or crop and pasture fertiliser.

Renewable Energy Certificates

The Biodigester generates energy in the form of gas, electricity and heat. This energy is awarded Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that can be traded or sold.